Welcome to A+ Pet Massage & Swimming

By | May 22, 2014

Enhancing the Quality of Life for YOU and your Canine

One of the few Chicagoland pools with a Licensed Therapist in the pool with YOUR dog

A+ Pet Massage and Swimming offers massage therapy services for humans and canines.  We also offer swimming and hydrotherapy services for canines.  We are located in Wood Dale at 743 N. Edgewood.

Our Canine services use a compasssionate, problem solving approach to meeting your dogs needs.  Swimming for exercise, therapeutic swimming (addressing physical problem) and teaching your dog to swim are all services provided at our pool.  Massage services utilize a variety of techniques from Swedish, myofascial, neuromuscular, energy work, medical and sports massage.  All techniques are adapted to meet the needs of your canine companion.

For Humans, we offer high quality massage therapy services.  Our massage therapist is experienced in Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue, neuromuscular, energy work, medical and sports massage.  Relaxation and shorter, focused massages on problem areas, are both offered to address your physical and emotional needs.

Our goal is to make you and your pet’s experience a positive one.  We use positive reinforcement and desensitization to create a positive association between massage/swimming and your dog.  Our multiple massage modalities effectively meet the needs of both our human and canine clients.

We are unique and the only location in the Chicagoland area that combines the benefits of swimming, warm water and massage, all in one for dogs and human massage at the same location!