Pet Massage/Massage Therapy

 Swedish massage techniques, myofascial release, positional release, neuromuscular, energy work,  and accupressure points are utilized to help your pet enhance their quality of life.  We work with animal bringing awareness to problem areas.  Pet massage can be used to alleviate symptoms for almost all physical and emotional problems.  Our pet massage philosophy is simple, the healer is on the table.  Pet massage enhances what the animal’s body systems are already doing.  Teaching packages are also offerred to pet owners and animal professionals.  Learn pet massage and connect with your animal on a deeper level!  Packages are available to teach multiple owners pet massage in seminar format.

We offer two types of massage sessions – Paliative (for general comfort, relaxation, veterinarian referal not required) and Clinical Massage Therapy (veterinarian referal is required, this is directed therapy to help promote healing and recovery from a specific condition, surgery or ailment)


– We take pet massage to the next level, in the pool.  Combining massage, exercise and warm water, will enhance your dogs physical and emotional well being.  Swimming is one of the BEST life long physical activities for your dog.  The low impact nature of swimming is great for increasing muscle tone, relaxing sore joints and muscles and releasing energy.  In addition, we welcome healthy dogs looking for a positive experience exercising in the pool or learning to swim.


– We now offer hydrotherapy!  Hydrotherapy requires a veterinarian referral.  This is directed therapy, mixed with massage therapy, to help promote healing and recovery from a specific condition, surgery or ailment.

Human Massage

– We are now offering human massage at both of our locations!  Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular, reflexology and energy massage are all available.  Traditional Swedish massage (completely disrobed under a draping sheet) is only available without canine companions being present.  All other massage can be performed in combination with canine services.  Please wear clothing that allows reasonable access to problem areas.  Appointments are required.  Call A + Pet Massage for pricing details!

Low Level Laser Sessions

– New!  Lasers are wonderful at reducing inflammation, helping cells regenerate and speading up healing.  Lasers are great for preventative care as well as recovering from injuries.  Best of all, there are few contraindications for using them!  They are safe for almost all situations.  Avaiilable for canines only.