Scope of Practice

It is important to note, we are not veterinarians and do not practice veterinary medicine.  In compliance with Illinois State Law 225, section 4, point 8 – we do not diagnose or cure specific ailments.  We do not prescribe medication.  We do not perform surgery or surgical services.  
Canine therapy services require veterinarian referral.

**Caution – Not all service providers for Canine Therapy Services have licenses for the service they provide.  Ensure your pet professional has a license endorsing their services.  For example – canine massage, should have a Licensed Massage Therapist with canine continuing education.  Physical therapy for animals – ensure your pet professional is a Licensed Physical Therapist, with canine continuing education.  Hydrotherapy for Canines – ensure your pet professional is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Veterinary Assistant or has certified hydrotherapy training.  Using a pet professional without formal training can lead to substandard services or injury to your animal.