Can You Use a Fish Tank for a Bearded Dragon?

By | February 25, 2020

Every animal when kept as a pet requires special attention and care. You should give them a proper quantity of food, water, and even proper enclosed shelter. Bearded lizards are one of the most stunning looking pets one could ever have at their home. These lizards are a must at every lizard owner’s house. This Australian native is a small-sized reptile that does have certain requirements when it comes to their nutrition and environment. There are quite a few special equipment required for nourishing a bearded lizard. So, in this case, we would discuss in detail the best bearded dragon enclosure.

Comforting Your Pet Bearded Dragon

Can You Use a Fish Tank for a Bearded Dragon?

Bearded lizards are undoubtedly the most fascinating creatures with a range of variant behavior. They are quite calm animals and can be easily handled and tamed. They can mix easily with almost everybody and is considered one of the friendliest reptiles. So, it is of utmost importance that the reptile pet owners should give special attention to their housing conditions. You have to make sure that you have enough knowledge regarding the best bearded dragon enclosure.

Even before deciding to buy a bearded dragon as your pet, you need to research well regarding the enclosure where you have planned to keep your pet. This is the most important factor as this reptile pet of yours deserves the best and most comfortable environment, where they feel almost like home and can freely move around. Keeping this factor in mind, let us discuss what kind of enclosure would be perfect for your pet Bearded Dragon.

Factors To Consider For The Best Enclosure

When you are purchasing an enclosure or a house for your pet bearded dragon, make sure that you are doing everything properly as per a plan. The enclosure should be suitable enough for the entire lifetime of this reptile pet of yours. There are, however, many factors that you must definitely keep in mind and follow while you are buying an enclosure for your bearded dragon. Some of these factors are given below for your convenience.

Size of the enclosure

Possibly, the most important factor that you should consider before buying an enclosure is its size. The size of your bearded dragon that you buy initially should definitely not be the dependant factor here. This is simply because your pet bearded dragon still has the chance to grow in size as it slowly becomes an adult. You would definitely not want your bearded dragon to feel uncomfortable or suffocated within the enclosure.

The enclosure that you buy for your pet reptile can be a closed tank like a fish tank. Your tank must be more or less 125 gallons. It should be so large that the bearded dragon has enough space inside it to roam around freely. You need to make sure that you do not end up buying an enclosure that is less than 55 gallons. You need to also ensure that the floors of these tanks are horizontal so that the bearded dragon gets its desired space.

 The material of the tank

Can You Use a Fish Tank for a Bearded Dragon?

After you have perfected the size of the tank, the next step for you would be to understand the type of material that would be perfect as your best bearded dragon enclosure. Like the fish aquariums, make sure that your pet bearded dragon’s enclosure is made of glass. If the material of the tank is glass, then you would be easily able to keep an eye on your bearded dragon as you can see it through the glass clearly. It is also easy to clean the enclosure.

Apart from that, the material for your pet’s tank can also be either acrylic or plastic. These sorts of materials are mostly preferred because unlike the glass enclosure, it is not that heavy. Both acrylic and plastic are extremely lightweight. For this particular reason, these cost much more than the glass enclosure. Acrylic enclosures, especially, tend to retain much moisture and humidity that can prove to be very detrimental for your pet bearded dragon.

Safety of the tank

A secured home is the most important factor that you should be considered as a shelter for your pet bearded dragon. The enclosure that you buy for it should be perfectly safe. It would be an unpleasant experience to buy a weak enclosure for the bearded dragon, almost allowing it to escape from it at night.

A complete metal screen can be perfect for the safety of your pet. You should strictly avoid both glass tops and plastic screens for your pet bearded dragon. This is because plastic screens can melt very easily. The glass tops should also be avoided as there is a fair chance of letting the UVB rays to get filtered. UVB rays are extremely beneficial for the health of your pet bearded dragon. Also, make sure to lock the lids of the enclosure properly. This way you can also keep your pet bearded dragon from your kids as well as your other pets.

If we very carefully sum up the above three important factors, then it can be clear that your pet bearded dragon needs a glass, acrylic, or plastic tank of 125 gallons that should have a wider horizontal space, giving your pet a free space to easily roam around within the enclosure. The tank should also be secured enough with the help of metal screens and locking lids. Once you have taken care of all these three significant factors, you are completely ready to have a very fascinating bearded dragon of your own as a pet at your house.

Sum up

Can You Use a Fish Tank for a Bearded Dragon?

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can be sure to take care of your pet bearded dragon completely. You cannot go wrong in keeping it well if you follow all these shelter aspects for your pet. Apart from a proper, decent, and comfortable shelter, you should also take care of the food habits of your pet ensuring it’s the best health throughout the entire life span of your bearded dragon.