Benefits of Services

Our customers site a variety of reasons for using our services.  Some reasons our current and past customers have sited are – rehabilitation, alleviation or joint pain/disorders, exercise, learning to swim, recovery from surgery/injury, and enjoyment.  Below is a listing of what A + Pet Massage recognizes as benefits of our services.

Pet Massage/Massage Therapy

Aids the Animal in Healing

Reduces Stress

Decreases Muscle Recovery Time

Increases Range of Motion in Joints and Muscle Groups

Increases Circulation of Major Internal Fluids

Creates Stronger Connection Between Owner and Animal

Enables the Owner to be the First Line of Defense for the Animal.  Increases the Chances of Identifying Physical Problems Earlier.

Can Be Used to Help Emotional Problems, Such as, Shyness, Fear, Aggression.

Almost All Physical Problems Can Be Helped.  Issues With Kidneys, Stomach, Digestive System, Circulatory System, Heart, Immune System, Joints, Muscles, and Other Numerous Physical Problems Can Be Helped.

Swimming Services/Hydrotherapy

All the benefits of massage

Decreased pressure on joints and muscles.

Helps build and maintain muscle tone and elasticity

Keeps your dog in optimum health.

Dogs love swimming

Low Level Laser Sessions

Decrease inflammation and swelling

Increases cellular regeneration

Speads up recovery from injuries

Great for chronic problems (arthritis, dysplasia, etc) and acute injuries (hip surgery, injured muscles, etc..)

Photo Courtesy of Karen A. Hollis of Sirius Pet Images.