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Can You Use a Fish Tank for a Bearded Dragon?

Every animal when kept as a pet requires special attention and care. You should give them a proper quantity of food, water, and even proper enclosed shelter. Bearded lizards are one of the most stunning looking pets one could ever have at their home. These lizards are a must at every lizard owner’s house. This… Read More »

What Is the Best Chinchilla Food?

Most of the chinchilla pet owners spend much time to take care of their pet and give proper food items to have a better health. They understand that feeding a good diet suitable for sensitive digestive system of the chinchilla is very important. They have to keep in mind that chinchillas in wild usually adapt… Read More »

Welcome to A+ Pet Massage & Swimming

Enhancing the Quality of Life for YOU and your Canine One of the few Chicagoland pools with a Licensed Therapist in the pool with YOUR dog A+ Pet Massage and Swimming offers massage therapy services for humans and canines.  We also offer swimming and hydrotherapy services for canines.  We are located in Wood Dale at 743 N. Edgewood.… Read More »